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Is a technology to write or retrieve information stored on supports called remote radio tags or TAG or transponder transmitter and online fm tamil responded. These labels radios consist of an antenna and an electronic tamil fm radio circuit, that can communicate with the transmitter circuit- receiver. These labels or radio transponder contains data to identify it. A radio signal is transmitted by mukil fm a reader via an antenna. Transponders Passive passing Nearby, radio tamil fm use the electromagnetic energy emitted by the antenna to feed and transmit the data they contain active transponders have radio tamil fm a diet external, usually extra flat batteries. 

The frequency of the radio signal emitted by the antenna can vary from 125kHz to 2. 45GHz. Of this frequency will depend on the communication distance between the transponder and the antenna 1 to 10m and the data transfer speed from 10Kb/ s to 200Kb/ s. Transponders Passive operate at low or medium frequency. In the direction towards the transponder reader, the transponders transmit their information in modulating the amplitude or phase of the carrier frequency. The reader then interprets these binary information. In drive direction to the transponder, the reader sends data by modulating the carrier. The modulations are analyzed by the transponder and scanned in the chip.

The lifetime of passive transponders is considered unlimited. A metal environment transponder in a container decreases the distance communication principle of the Faraday cage. - Several transponders located in the field online fm tamil of one reader, may clear communication collision phenomenon. Here listed some possible applications with RFID chips:- Tractability of objects such as books library, bookstore - Tractability of objects in customs area- Tractability of luggage in airport area- Marking of products in supermarkets fight against theft- Access control badges from- Transport ticket- Car rental fleet management Identification of animals cat, dog, cow - Athlete Performance tests in competitions masses marathon or it is impossible because of the density to individual control. - Subcutaneous chips are also implanted in humans: access to sites highly secure. RFID tags also allow the properties to consider other applications, mukil fm as. 

Refrigerators can automatically recognize the products mukil fm it contains, but also able to control the deadlines of optimal BBD of perishable food products, - The identification of postal addresses UAID, identity cards INES- The removal of newborns. In mukil fm France, the clinic uses bracelets equipped with RFID chip, - The fight against counterfeiting more difficult with chips that mimic bar codes classic, - The stage of completion of a product in its manufacturing chain automotive- Identification of products for faster checkout. Completing its offer with two new technology, SCS/ BUS and Radio/ ZigBee┬«* Le grand hoping to offer solutions for you to answer all of your projects: new, heavy or light renovation, extension, improvement of the existing, residential as in small businesses. Le grand offers now wide solution and most complete of the market: with the new offer My Home Le grand, you get a wide range of commands Simple commands, sensor covers, touch screens. By choosing to promote Le grand solutions, you are guaranteed.